…how much I love Talking Heads. Well I do. That’s all.



So far, today has been a good Friday indeed. I have been watching an ace photography documentary series my parents told me Iโ€™d love ( and thatโ€™ll hopefully get me into the right frame of mind for my dissertation), making hair bows and am currently waiting for my apricot flapjacks to finish baking. Then tonight, Slow Club at Lee Rosyโ€™s. Mmmmmmmm. They are lovely lovely.

I had lots to talk about, no time, no time. I saw last night that The Go! Team are coming. Oh, ace. I shall dance dance dance my merry little socks off.

Toasty warm

Things that are good: Cashew nut bread- the king of nuts!

Things that are not good: 1) People who write pointless things in library books so their comments are distracting. 2) People who write in very hard pencil so said comments cannot easily be erased. 3) People who write inane comments in biro. Gah.

Also procrastination, it’s not good.

I’ve heard surprisingly good things about Juno, but it has the girl that was awfulawful in Hard Candy. Hmmmm.

A Confederacy of Dunces is wonderful. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ignatius bemuses me so. Though he is in many ways larger than life and supposedly the kind of character ‘we are not accustomed to observe every day’, he still manages to remind me of several people I know, even myself at one point- though thankfully only once. Yet for the rest, I read it with a knowing smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention how much I am in love with a couple of Robert Olen Butler’s short stories I read a while ago, namely ‘Love’ and ‘Snow’. The latter is my favourite, but the former can be found here.

They’re both from ‘ A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain’, which I fully intend to purchase as soon as I have time to read things that aren’t course material, sans guilt.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m taking a break from the academics for the sake of my own welfare. And on that note, I leave you with some loosely Brat Pack related glee:

Mmmmmm so bad/fun.

I’ve also just been watching the Sigur Ros Culture Show special that my father painstakingly dvd-ed for me. Hopefully now as I dissolve into slumbers, I shall be thinking of dancing and dreamy Icelandic landscapes rather than theories of the Southern grotesque and images from Deliverance.

So today whilst working up to joyous revision, I ran a quick search to have a listen to The Smittens (http://www.smittens.com/home.html) and instead I found THIS.

Slightly disturbing but hilarious, mittens to hold hands to…or something. How many times Tom has stretched my mittens when his fingerless gloves left him cold. These ‘Smittens’ are incredibly creepy looking, but the concept behind them is most excellent and makes me chortle. Ho ho.

n.b.- Smittens is also the name of my favourite Lush handcream ( mmmm almond). Fact.

Mmmmm Somerset

I’m hoooome! Ho ho ho.

To the land of sloe gin and cider brandy butter. ๐Ÿ˜€

And look! There’s a television here! Mmmmm novelty. And Hitchhiker’s is on! It’s quite bad but but Zooey Deschanel, I lovvve her.

Last night was fun, we went to the DSFAR xmas party. The bands were wonderful and people showed up I didn’t know were coming. Lovely stuff. Sadly I had to leave pretty snappy- a Lush 8.30 start was calling. Ugh.

Why oh why…

…are people *still* wearing Ugg boots? When they are as ugly as the day they first came over which must be at least 6 years ago now. In fact they aren’t just ugly, they’re vileuglyuglyugly. Especially the tan ones. Actually I’m despaired at English student fashion in general at the moment. Tiny denim skirts, black cropped leggings, pashminas and utterly contrived bedhead hair still? Really? Yet the scenesters have me in utter dispair as well. But then I suppose they’re one in the same really. Angst. Off to seminar now ๐Ÿ™‚